10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration

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Integrate Evernote With Your Favorite Task App [Infographic]

The Struggle for a great Evernote Integration

TaskClone users are about productivity.  Many use Evernote at the core of their workflow, but struggle to find a task app with great Evernote integration.  And, while TaskClone provides a unique connection via Evernote checkboxes, many of the apps have other Evernote integrations that also add value worth consideration.  Due to our years in the field, we frequently get requests to make recommendations of the “perfect” app for clients.  We immediately respond requesting these further details:

  • How do you use Evernote now?
  • What other apps do you use for email, calendar, collaboration?
  • What ecosystem is at the core of your system (e.g. Window, Mac, iOS)?

With these and a few other questions answered,we can make a meaningful recommendation.

10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration

The infographic below compares the online task apps with the best Evernote integration.   Of course, task apps are constantly evolving, so you should also check out our updated article with more apps, new information and a summary of the different types of Evernote integration that task apps use.

[See Updated Article]


10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration (Small)

In addition to the infographic, we provide links to the specific pages that detail each integration.

  1. Azendoo
  2. Facilethings
  3. GetItDone
  4. Gneo
  6. Nozbe
  7. Podio
  8. Remember the Milk
  9. Salesforce
  10. WorkEtc

UPDATE: Beyond the 10 Best Task Apps

After this article was initially published, we heard from several about which apps we had “left out.”  As you can see from the infographic, no app does everything.  For example, none of these apps have an Evernote integration that sends individual tasks with Evernote checkboxes to the task app as new tasks in the app.  TaskClone does this and more.

Be sure to check out our updated post on How to Integrate Evernote With Your Favorite Task App for a great Infographic that shows the different types of Evernote integration and how each fits a particular need.  We cover the native integrations of the task apps and services like TaskClone that fill in the gaps.

Finally, your first step should always be to assess your own workflow and then identify the tools that enhance it.



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