TaskClone was created to put your notes to work by solving a simple challenge: get tasks out of Evernote into a purpose-built task manager.  While TaskClone does that well, user feedback and our own experience has led to many improvements that go beyond that simple, yet important, use case.

1. Cloning tasks to your task app

TaskClone extracts (“Clones”) individual tasks represented by checkboxes and sends them to the task app of your choice.  Although this is a one-way send instead of two-way sync, we find most manage tasks in their task app anyway.  A link back to the originating note is included in the task description so you can find the context of your task later. See Cloning Basics tutorial.

2. Aggregating all tasks in one note

If you don’t have or want a dedicated task app, you can use TaskClone to aggregate tasks from all over your Evernote account into one “Task List Note.”  With TaskClone Premium, you can now have up to 5 Task List Notes (for different categories of tasks) and you can decide where to send each task on-the-fly.  Of course, each task in the list has a link back to the originating note.

3. Sending tasks to multiple task apps

[Update: This has improved since video – See Multiple Task Apps tutorial]  Whether its home and work or work and business, we found many use more than one task app.  With a TaskClone Premium account, you can send tasks to up to 5 different apps.  Also, some apps use a different email address per project.  You can use this feature to send to up to 5 different projects.

4. Setting due dates, assignees & more

Many task apps let you email-in tasks and set parameters using the subject line of the email.  Just add those same parameters as you type your tasks in Evernote and TaskClone will do the rest.  From due dates, assignees, priority, tags, projects and more, creating tasks directly from Evernote has never been easier. See Adding Task Detaills tutorial.

5. Adding default parameters to each task

Sometimes you use the same parameters (e.g. labels) for every task that comes from Evernote to your app.  Instead of adding these each time, you can set whatever defaults you want. You simply add the same text you would add to a task in Evernote, but instead add it in Task App Settings in TaskClone.  We’ll add to each of your tasks for you.  See Changing Settings tutorial to see where to add.

Combined with TaskClone’s multiple apps functionality, you can do even more. Instead of using multiple apps, use multiple instances of the same app, each with its own default parameters.  For example, set one instance with default label for personal tasks, another with defaults for a colleague, another with defaults for a special project.

6. Creating new notes from each task

Sometimes you want to take a simple list of tasks and make each into a full note to add further details, including photos and files.  Setup TaskClone with your Evernote email address as the destination and each task in your list will create a new note.  Specify a notebook, tag or reminder on-the-fly or use TaskClone’s ability to set defaults to have the notes configured exactly as you like.  See Evernote syntax to create note by email.

As a Premium TaskClone client with access to up to 5 sets of defaults for Evernote, you can configure a full GTD system with exactly the notebook, tag and reminder structure you want without ever leaving Evernote!

7. Creating iOS Reminders from tasks

A few task apps sync with iOS Reminders and in designing to support them, we found that many users just want tasks to go to iOS Reminders itself.  Use our IFTTT Recipe and you’re ready to go in a few minutes.

8. Scheduling events in Google Calendar

TaskClone makes it nearly effortless to schedule events in Google Calendar directly from your notes.  Simply add “sch: ” to tasks and write your event using Google’s Natural Language and the event shows up in your Calendar within seconds of syncing Evernote.  See full Creating Events in Google Calendar tutorial.

Works Everywhere

TaskClone works with every Evernote platform and with over 50 task apps.  Our homepage allows you to search for your favorite app to see our level of support and with resources to get you started.

What else can TaskClone do?

We find that our users are a source of new ideas and inspiration.  Share how you use TaskClone to put your notes to work.