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More power, More control, More help

Our relaunch on November 15th is fast approaching and I wanted share the heart of the changes you'll feel - More power, More control, More help.  I wrote about many of the Cosmetic Changes earlier, but in this post I want to share new things you'll be able to do and how you'll do them.

More Power

As TaskClone has matured, we've tried to balance requests for new capabilities with keeping the service simple.  We know that our highest value is quickly getting tasks out of your notes and into  your task apps or calendars.  Therefore, we focus on adding a bit more power and flexibility to that core.

Destination Targets

Currently, whatever Trigger Tag you add to a note determines where all the individual tasks from that note are sent.  For example, if you set up a Trigger Tag of "Todoist" to send tasks to your Todoist Inbox, all tasks in the note would be sent to the Inbox.  But what if one or more tasks should instead go to your Todoist Marketing project instead?  Once you set up a Trigger Tag for Todoist Marketing (e.g. "Marketing"), just add that tag with the "@" symbol to the end of your tasks.

Destination Targets Example

The "Review sales . . ." task will be sent to destination setup for the "Marketing" tag.  This works for one or all the tasks in a note and is limited only by the number destinations in your TaskClone plan.

Specific Google Calendars

In addition to your default Google Calendar, you'll now be able to configure TaskClone to send to any calendar in your Google account.  For example, perhaps you have a Sales Calendar shared with your sales team.  TaskClone can now send events from OneNote or Evernote to this Sales Calendar instead of your default Google Calendar.

Task Details

Everyone loves saving a few extra steps, especially on repetitive tasks.  That's why TaskClone automatically adds a link back to your notes with each task.  But what if you don't want a link cluttering your task description?  Now, you'll be able add (or not) the following items to your tasks and in most cases determine if the item is added to the Task Title or Task Description. The Task Title is just the name of the task as written in your notes.

Select Task Details

For some, adding the date and time is important and for others, they'd like to omit the links from the task description.  We've added a little more power and little more control.

Destinations Galore

Most clients send tasks to a single destination.  However, we've been surprised just how many send tasks to different locations and the different types of locations. Some send tasks to many different projects within a single app (e.g. Asana, Todoist).  Others send tasks to several different apps (e.g. Wrike, OmniFocus).  We also expect our new Destination Targets feature will create more demand for using multiple destinations.  That's why we'll have plans with up to 50 destinations available.

Open for OneNote Business

Many of you OneNote clients have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for TaskClone to support OneNote Business.   It's here!  This capability was delayed primarily because Microsoft did not make the same features available for OneNote Business until earlier this year.

OneNote with TaskClone


To take advantage of Microsoft's new capabilities, we had to rewrite our entire connection method with OneNote.  For that reason, after the relaunch, all our existing OneNote clients will need to reauthorize TaskClone to their OneNote accounts whether they intend to use OneNote Business or not.   This new connection method should be faster and more reliable.  It is also the same connection method that will allow us to support Microsoft Todo, Outlook Tasks, Microsoft Planner and other Microsoft products in the near future.

Teams & Business

When I first created TaskClone, I was scratching my own itch.  I didn't think about the small businesses and teams that would come to use TaskClone as a strategy to stay productive.  We've now built the beginnings of business/team features requested by clients.  In addition to supporting Evernote and OneNote Business, you'll be able to:

  • Create a team
  • Invite members, assign roles and manage members
  • Purchase subscriptions for the team
  • Print invoices direct from the dashboard

We hope this helps organize and simplify the use of TaskClone for teams.


More Control

Simplifying Settings

One of the hardest things in programming is making something powerful and flexible, but easy to use.  We'll probably be working on this balance forever, but we're pleased with our new dashboard and our efforts to make TaskClone easier to configure.  You've seen above how you can set the details of each task.  All of that is done as part of new 3-step wizards to configure destinations.  In addition, you can see the basics for all your destinations at-a-glance and change which destination is your default with one click.

Destinations settings


More Help

While we do everything we can to make features intuitive and easy, inevitably questions remain for some clients or it's just easier to watch something via video.  We've got you covered.  We have revamped our Support Center with categories for all the apps we support and a section for those just getting started. We're also adding over 30 new videos and counting to help clients get the most from TaskClone.  Below is just a partial screenshot of the new Support Center.

New TaskClone Support Center


The entire Support Center including the contact form is accessible from the blue "?" on the bottom right of every page of the new website.  Eventually, clicking the blue "?" will automatically suggest the right support article for wherever you are on the site.  We're excited to make you even more productive and save even more of your time.


Beacon for Support Center


Up Next

You can see from the image above, we will soon be launching support for Google Docs as a source for action items.  Unfortunately, Google has us jumping through a few more hoops before that'll be ready, but we're excited to welcome Google's 1 billion accounts to give TaskClone a try.

We hope you take advantage of the new capabilities launching on November 15th and drop us a line to share what you think.

In my next post I'll share our entirely new service and new pricing structure.  Remember, existing clients are grandfathered in their pricing and most will also get at least some of the new features as part of the new plans.  Stay tuned . . .



TaskClone 2020 - A boatload of new

After over a year in development, we’re excited and finally ready to share the biggest update since TaskClone’s start in 2013. On November 15th while most of our clients are sleeping, we plan to launch a boatload of NEW.

  • New Features
  • A completely new service
  • New Logo
  • New Dashboard
  • New Website
  • New Blog
  • New Resources for busy people
  • New Support Center
  • And yes, new Plans & Pricing

Behind the scenes, there’s also a completely new infrastructure to make TaskClone faster, more secure and more reliable. This work sets the stage for even more new features planned ahead.

The Cosmetic

We'll get to the bigger changes in upcoming posts, but for today, let's talk looks.  Cosmetically, the goals of our redesign have been simplicity, speed and consistency.

New Logo

Our new logo takes our existing cloud design an opts for a simple circle.  This is more consistent with other apps and plays nice with app stores, favicons and other uses of icons.  We have a blue and a white version and it also looks good in grayscale.


New Website

Interestingly, we're not huge fans of websites.  Our existing website is a single page.  We're focused on productivity and efficiency - so is our new website.  For speed, we've gotten rid of the large photographs in favor of a few faster-loading images.  We've gone from 2 to 1 font.  The homepage is less busy, but does more to describe the problem we solve.  We did add separate pages for the questions we're asked most - How it works and How much does it cost.  The new design is faster, simpler, yet through the magic of compression contains a detailed animation that depicts the entire TaskClone process.

Nothing fancy, but hopefully conveys our effort to get to the point and not add much extra.

New Dashboard

TaskClone's new Dashboard is far from a cosmetic-only update.  It embodies our same simplicity-first design principles, but must make it easy to manage today's many features and those that will come tomorrow.  We've chosen a single-page design that operates much like a desktop app with sections listed on the left and "cards" that contain all settings and activity logs.  The design is simple, but we'll go into the power and flexibility in a later post.

That's it for now.  We'll unveil more of TaskClone's upcoming changes next week.

If you have a burning question, drop us a line through our support center, which already incorporates one of our new tools.

TaskClone Survey Results in - TaskClone 2.0 on the way!

[UPDATE: 5-22-2014] TaskClone 2.0 will launch in a few weeks days and it'll be based largely on user feedback. Despite our new logo design, we're all about productivity and for that you need honest answers to the right questions. Our best ideas come direct from users or in response to their questions. TaskClone 2.0 will be no different. Here are the results:

User Feedback - Features Wanted


Improvements you wanted


TaskClone 2.0 Responds

We've changed hardware and are re-writing most of the code to make TaskClone easier to use, faster, more powerful and more versatile. Here's what to expect in a few weeks time.


New Features

Gmail requirement - GONE!

One of the changes we're most excited about is removing the requirement to register a Gmail account with us. Many users told us they didn't want Gmail or were afraid to give access to their account. With 2.0, we will transition to an internal email system for all users (e.g. [email protected]), but to use it, your task service may need to recognize this new incoming email as from you.

Although 80%+ of task apps will require no change, existing or prospective users should visit our Supported Task Apps article to find out if your task app requires any additional steps.


Set defaults for all tasks

In TaskClone 2.0, you will be able to set whatever defaults your task app supports, including due dates, assignees, priority, contexts and more.  You will need to know the syntax for your specific app, but we'll even guide you with that!


Send to multiple task apps

Premium subscribers will be able to send to up to five different destination emails (e.g. five different task apps). This can also be used for projects if your app has a different email address for each project.  You can choose where to send tasks on a per task basis.


Choose your link style

Despite our best efforts at promotion, many apps do not support Evernote's application links (e.g. evernote:/// ). You will be able to choose regular hyperlinks if you prefer (e.g. https://). For Premium subscribers, you can make this choice for each of your five apps.


More to come

We're not near done. Next stop - compatibility with Evernote Business!


Process Improvements

Much easier, faster setup

For new users, 3 fields in 30 seconds to 2 minutes. We focus just on what you need to get started. Once you're up and running, all our powerful features above will be available in a much cleaner interface.


Improved Parsing Engine

TaskClone filters or parses your notes looking for tasks represented by checkboxes. Forwarded emails, embedded images, different formatting in different Evernote apps can all make this difficult. Our parsing engine is already much improved and there'll be even more for 2.0.

Don't Wait

If you're not already using TaskClone, there's no need to wait.  All TaskClone users will automatically be upgraded to TaskClone 2.0.

As usual, if there are ever any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



Using TaskClone effectively just got easier

At TaskClone, our users are a huge source of inspiration. We learn new ways to use or improve TaskClone from you all the time. The User Tips series lets us highlight tips and best practices learned from our users that could benefit the entire TaskClone Community.

Today’s tip comes from user Heath. Thanks Heath!


When editing your notes, both you and TaskClone may be trying to modify them at the same time resulting in conflicts.  TaskClone is making modifications by adding a Skip Code to the tasks it clones and you are simultaneously making your own edits.  Not knowing when Evernote's auto-save will occur can add to this challenge.


This solution is so simple and easy to implement we made a video to share with everyone.

Step 1. Select an Evernote tag during TaskClone setup.

This will be the tag you use for all notes you want processed by TaskClone. You can always create a new tag in Evernote if you do not have an existing one you want to use.


Step 2. Take notes normally (use checkboxes for tasks and events).

Nothing new here, just a reminder.


Step 3. When finished, add the tag, then sync.

The key here is to add the tag only after you are finished editing the note. TaskClone will ignore the note until you add this tag and then only process it once when you sync. I told you it was simple and easy.


What if I want to edit the note later?

No problem. Delete the tag before you make modifications. Add it back when you’re done, then sync.  Note, you must sync at least 2 minutes after your previous sync for this to work.


Learn More

We have written an entire support article on Avoiding Note Conflicts.