TaskClone’s Evernote integration with Wunderlist just got easier and more powerful after new features recently added by Wunderlist.

Wunderlist Adds Multiple Email Addresses and Assignment to Specific Lists

TaskClone integrates Wunderlist and others with Evernote by extracting to-dos from Evernote and sending via email to your task app. Thankfully, Wunderlist has added ability to register additional addresses making TaskClone setup easier and sending Evernote tasks to Wunderlist almost instant!

TaskClone integration with Wunderlist Setup
When you register your unique TaskClone Email with Wunderlist, you have the option to send all tasks to a specific list in Wunderlist (see above). For example, if you know all tasks from Evernote belong in the “Work” list, you can ensure they go to that list.

Add Smart Due Dates and Star for Priority

Because TaskClone converts Evernote to-dos into email, all Wunderlist’s email features work as well. See the image below for what you might enter in Evernote.

Evernote tasks to Wunderlist

You can automatically use Wunderlist’s Smart Due Dates feature by simply entering the information in your task. For example, the task “Fall in love with TaskClone next Tuesday” will be due next Tuesday in Wunderlist (see image below). Learn more about TaskClone’s ability to add due dates, tags and more for task apps that support it.

Wunderlist Smart Dates from Evernote

Wunderlist also supports adding the asterisk “*” symbol to prioritize a task. Simply add the asterisk symbol at the beginning of your task to have it show in Wunderlist with priority (see image below).

Wunderlist Star Prioirty from Evernote

To use this feature, first, be sure to change TaskClone settings to leave blank the optional notation that TaskClone puts at the front of all tasks, otherwise this will interfere with Wunderlist seeing the asterisk as the first character of task (see image below).

TaskClone Task Notation

As Wunderlist continues to add features to its Mail-to-Wunderlist feature, they should all be available in Evernote through TaskClone.



VIDEO: Setup TaskClone for Wunderlist