After over a year in development, we’re excited and finally ready to share the biggest update since TaskClone’s start in 2013. On November 15th while most of our clients are sleeping, we plan to launch a boatload of NEW.

  • New Features
  • A completely new service
  • New Logo
  • New Dashboard
  • New Website
  • New Blog
  • New Resources for busy people
  • New Support Center
  • And yes, new Plans & Pricing

Behind the scenes, there’s also a completely new infrastructure to make TaskClone faster, more secure and more reliable. This work sets the stage for even more new features planned ahead.

The Cosmetic

We’ll get to the bigger changes in upcoming posts, but for today, let’s talk looks.  Cosmetically, the goals of our redesign have been simplicity, speed and consistency.

New Logo

Our new logo takes our existing cloud design an opts for a simple circle.  This is more consistent with other apps and plays nice with app stores, favicons and other uses of icons.  We have a blue and a white version and it also looks good in grayscale.


New Website

Interestingly, we’re not huge fans of websites.  Our existing website is a single page.  We’re focused on productivity and efficiency – so is our new website.  For speed, we’ve gotten rid of the large photographs in favor of a few faster-loading images.  We’ve gone from 2 to 1 font.  The homepage is less busy, but does more to describe the problem we solve.  We did add separate pages for the questions we’re asked most – How it works and How much does it cost.  The new design is faster, simpler, yet through the magic of compression contains a detailed animation that depicts the entire TaskClone process.

Nothing fancy, but hopefully conveys our effort to get to the point and not add much extra.

New Dashboard

TaskClone’s new Dashboard is far from a cosmetic-only update.  It embodies our same simplicity-first design principles, but must make it easy to manage today’s many features and those that will come tomorrow.  We’ve chosen a single-page design that operates much like a desktop app with sections listed on the left and “cards” that contain all settings and activity logs.  The design is simple, but we’ll go into the power and flexibility in a later post.

That’s it for now.  We’ll unveil more of TaskClone’s upcoming changes next week.

If you have a burning question, drop us a line through our support center, which already incorporates one of our new tools.