At TaskClone, our users are a huge source of inspiration. We learn new ways to use or improve TaskClone from you all the time. The User Tips series lets us highlight tips and best practices learned from our users that could benefit the entire TaskClone Community.

Today’s tip comes from user Heath. Thanks Heath!


When editing your notes, both you and TaskClone may be trying to modify them at the same time resulting in conflicts.  TaskClone is making modifications by adding a Skip Code to the tasks it clones and you are simultaneously making your own edits.  Not knowing when Evernote’s auto-save will occur can add to this challenge.


This solution is so simple and easy to implement we made a video to share with everyone.

Step 1. Select an Evernote tag during TaskClone setup.

This will be the tag you use for all notes you want processed by TaskClone. You can always create a new tag in Evernote if you do not have an existing one you want to use.


Step 2. Take notes normally (use checkboxes for tasks and events).

Nothing new here, just a reminder.


Step 3. When finished, add the tag, then sync.

The key here is to add the tag only after you are finished editing the note. TaskClone will ignore the note until you add this tag and then only process it once when you sync. I told you it was simple and easy.


What if I want to edit the note later?

No problem. Delete the tag before you make modifications. Add it back when you’re done, then sync.  Note, you must sync at least 2 minutes after your previous sync for this to work.


Learn More

We have written an entire support article on Avoiding Note Conflicts.