Celebrating Crowdsourced Productivity

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Celebrating Crowdsourced Productivity


This post is a celebration of our clients.  In this era of crowdsourcing everything, it’s should be no surprise that there are benefits of crowdsourcing productivity.  In a world awash in productivity apps, I’m clear productivity is more about doing the right things and doing them efficiently.  For our company, what crowd better to suggest what to do and how than our clients.

Earlier this week, we released a new “feature” that resolves a significant frustration for most of our clients.  It essentially removes an extra step so they don’t have to remember it in their workflow and they save time by skipping it. We knew about the pain point and had devoted hours trying to find a remedy, but the solution came from an innocent comment in a conversation with an existing client.

Why didn’t we find the answer ourselves?  Because, we were too close to it. Ouch!

In the end, it was a remarkably simple change with profound implications not only to improve the experience for clients, but to minimize the likelihood of errors in our software. It wasn’t even technically difficult to implement, requiring only 5 lines of code.  Ouch again!

After the embarrassment of not figuring it out ourselves, I was reminded of how productive crowdsourcing improvements can be.  We could do more to seek good ideas from our “crowd”.  The fact is, we can’t see everything. Sometimes we give up after trying to find a solution but looking in the wrong place.  

Our clients aren’t burdened by the assumptions we carry. This is one of the many reasons I spend significant time personally responding to customer service requests. Every new client comes at a problem with fresh pain, but also fresh perspective to help us learn.  

At TaskClone, we pride ourselves on client service.  In fact, it’s why we use the term clients and not customers or users.  We are not just trying to sell a product but genuinely provide solutions to client productivity challenges.

While it may seem our software is just about note-taking and tasks, we see it as a vehicle to understand client challenges.  It is a privilege to get to know their challenges and get the opportunity to help them.  We’re all trying to get a little bit better every day and helping each other along the way makes it all the more rewarding.



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