Evernote task management just got easier

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Evernote task management just got easier

TaskClone responds to clients again with 3 new features to make Evernote task management easier and more productive. Our clients told us they work on a variety of projects and want to send tasks from different notes to different apps/projects. They also wanted to send the same task to multiple destinations.  Then, once the task arrives, they wanted a way to ensure they could get back to Evernote to remember the context for the task. We’ve answered.  Check it out!

Send to different task apps based on Evernote tag

We’ve changed the way TaskClone works so that each task app or destination is associated with an Evernote tag.    For example, add “toAsana”  and tasks from that note go to Asana.  Add “toTD” and tasks go to Todoist.   You decide the tag and the destination.  Many task apps have a unique email address for different folders or projects (e.g. Todoist, Asana).  Using this feature, send tasks from one note to Project A and tasks from another to Project B just by adding the Evernote tag you associated with the project.  See image below and our Multiple Apps tutorial for more.

Connect Evernote to task apps


Send each task to multiple destinations

Ever want to send the same task to your task app and to your email or a colleague?  Now you can associate each task app in TaskClone (up to 5 apps), with up to 3 destinations by inputting email addresses separated by commas. Each of these destinations is added to the TO: field of the emails we send.  Some apps look for teammates in the TO: field and assign tasks to them (e.g. Asana and Wrike).  Combined with our new tagging feature above, you can easily send tasks from one note just to yourself (e.g. “toInbox”) and create a different tag to send tasks to yourself and an assigned teammate (e.g. “toAssignee”).  You could also use this to send a copy of tasks to your email account and create an email filter to label and archive such tasks so you have a record of everything sent.  I’m sure our brilliant clients will come up with many new ways to use this feature. See image below and our  Changing Settings tutorial for more.

Send each task to multiple task apps

Pick your Evernote link

Linking from your task app to Evernote is great; if it works. Different apps have different support for Evernote links, including the same app supporting Evernote links in iOS, but not supporting links on Windows.  This can get frustrating, so we’re doing our part. The new default setting in TaskClone is to include both Evernote links (e.g. evernote:///) and regular hyperlinks (https://) with each task we send. This way, if your app has different support across different devices, you’re not left out in the cold.  See Note Link 101 tutorial for more.

Evernote Note Link Type


Enjoy the new features and let us know what else you’d like to see.





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