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Evernote to Marvin Integration

Simply get your ideas into your  and let TaskClone sync any action items to .


  • Get action items out of Evernote and into Marvin
  • Works on every platform, offline or online
  • Link from to full note for context


  • Add to each
  • Send each to a specific in Marvin


  • Filter notes to process by notebook or tag
  • Create connections to all your Evernote and Marvin accounts
  • Set default text or metadata to customize each

Recommended by Pros

I can’t tell you how tickled I am that this works as well as it does.

Steve Dotto

Canada's Most Respected Geek

Very clever little app. Very inexpensive. I love the way it works.

Michael Hyatt

Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker

My notes and my task list have always “talked“ to each other, . . . but now TaskClone does all the work.

Dr. Frank Buck

Time Management Coach | Author

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