Forgetting Tasks!

Copy action items from Evernote, OneNote and Google Docs to your task app or calendar.

Peaceful Productivity

The Problem

Capturing tasks in your notes is easy.  Managing tasks in your notes is hard!


Managing tasks within notes often ends in frustration


Manually copying tasks from notes to other apps wastes time


Forgetting tasks leads to mistakes and failure

There's a Better Way!

Automatically copy tasks, note titles, events and reminders from your notes into your task app and calendar.

Save Time

  • No more copying or retyping tasks
  • Automatically add due dates, labels and more*
  • Tasks sent in seconds
  • Easy setup wizard

Get Productive

  • Only service to extract individual action items
  • Set up to 50 destinations to specific projects, calendars
  • Link back to original note for context

Work Anywhere

  • Use any Evernote, OneNote or Google Docs app
  • Capture tasks offline and sync when online
  • Works with paper and whiteboards using our TaskCam app

Stay Safe

  • No app passwords or credit card info captured
  • Notes and tasks are processed and deleted.  We don't archive your stuff 
  • Bank-level encryption, secure connections,   firewall

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I can’t tell you how tickled I am that this works as well as it does.

Steve Dotto Canada's Most Respected Geek

Very clever little app. Very inexpensive. I love the way it works.

Michael Hyatt Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker

My notes and my task list have always “talked“ to each other, . . . but now TaskClone does all the work.

Dr. Frank Buck Time Management Coach | Author

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