Integrate Evernote tasks into Highrise CRM

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Integrate Evernote tasks into Highrise CRM

Today I write about how some of our small business clients use TaskClone to integrate Highrise with Evernote.  Highrise is a simple SaaS customer relationship management software (CRM) built by the great people behind Basecamp project management software.  These clients don’t use it for huge projects, but the need task functionality to keep on top of tasks related to sales.

Getting Tasks from Evernote to Highrise CRM

It couldn’t be easier for clients to TaskClone with Highrise’s task management features to stay on top of their sales tasks. Say you’re taking notes in Evernote during a call with a prospect.  Simply enter the tasks with a checkbox in Evernote.  When you finish the call, add a tag to indicate when to schedule the tasks.

Evernote tasks for HighriseSync your Evernote account and immediately the tasks show up in Highrise scheduled based on tag.

Highrise tasks from Evernote

Of course the same works for notes taken in meetings or on your mobile device.  TaskClone connects directly to the Evernote service, so it works wherever Evernote works.

Setting up the Evernote-to-Highrise connection

TaskClone takes advantage of Highrise’s email features. Your account has 5 unique task “dropboxes” where you can send tasks based on when you want to start them (e.g. tomorrow).  You can find these email addresses under “My Info” in Account Settings. (Learn more)Highrise task dropboxes

TaskClone Premium allows you to create a separate Evernote tag for each of the 5 dropbox email addresses (You get access to the same features during our 14-day free trial).  You’ll be prompted to create the tag and copy & paste the email address from Highrise.

The last step is indicating where these emailed tasks will be coming from.  You’ll find your unique email in TaskClone Account Info to update your approved emails in Highrise.

Highrise additional emails

That’s it.

Thanks again to our great clients and let us know if you have any questions using Highrise with Evernote.



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