Meet TaskCam

Make notes doable!

Get the only app that extracts to-dos from handwritten notes and sends them to your task app or calendar

TaskCam app

Do copy the team on the expense report

Due meeting with marketing on Wed at 3pm


What to do

What is due

Take photo


Take a photo 


40+ apps 


Do items sent to

your task app

Due items sent to

your calendar

TaskCam is a new service of TaskClone

  • Works with paper or whiteboards
  • Works with iOS & Android
  • Recognizes cursive & print
  • Captures multi-page documents
  • Works with existing images
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  • Works with Evernote and OneNote


  • Connect to 40+ apps
  • Copy tasks & events
  • Process in < 5 min
  • Can add due dates, labels, priorities
  • Save lots of time and hassle