How TaskClone Works

3 Easy Steps in 30 Seconds

evernote Evernote
onenote OneNote
googledocs Google Docs
taskcam TaskCam


Type your to-dos using Evernote checkboxes so we know it's a to-do


Add a "Trigger" tag to so we know to process this note


Sync manually or automatically and Evernote notifies us to get started

See it in action . . .

  • To-dos or note titles sent to your task app
  • Each to-do sent to default or specified destination
  • Events and Reminders sent to your calendar
  • Link to the note added to each task
  • Works offline and syncs when online
  • Works with every Evernote app


Write what to do and what is due using do or due as the first word.


Snap photo(s) of your handwritten tasks with TaskCam


Select and send to your destination app

See it in action . . .

  • Do items sent to your task app
  • Due items sent ot your calendar
  • Photos stored for future reference
  • TaskCam works offline and syncs when online

I can’t tell you how tickled I am that this works as well as it does.

Very clever little app. Very inexpensive. I love the way it works.

My notes and my task list have always “talked“ to each other, . . . but now TaskClone does all the work.

Steve Dotto Canada's Most Respected Geek
Michael Hyatt Leadership Mentor | Author | Speaker
Dr. Frank Buck Time Management Coach | Author