9 Powerful Strategies For Achieving Goals

How do you ensure you actually achieve your goals when around 90% fail? Let me show you 9 simple tips that almost guarantee success.

Due Date and Deadline

The Surprising Reasons Why Due Dates Suck

Most productivity systems assume that due dates are necessary. But what if they actually hurt productivity more than help it?

Ensure An Effective Meeting

How To Master The 10 Most Important Minutes Of Every Meeting

Most participants don't know how to make the most out of meetings. Learn how to use a few minutes to ensure you have an effective meeting every time.

Gratefulness kills procrastination

Why Gratefulness Is The Ultimate Procrastination Killer

Gratefulness can be a powerful weapon in the fight against procrastination? Learn why and 10 easy and practical ways to create habits of gratefulness.

11 Ways TaskClone Boosts Evernote Productivity

Learn the 11 ways TaskClone boosts your Evernote productivity by bridging between your storage in Evernote and taking action with task apps and calendars.

Crowdsourcing Productivity

Celebrating Crowdsourced Productivity

Crowdsourcing productivity requires honesty about shortcomings and a willingness to listen to your "crowd" which is not burdened by your assumptions.


Integrate Evernote tasks into Highrise CRM

Get Evernote tasks into Highrise CRM. Take notes anytime and never miss another important task because TaskClone sends them instantly to Highrise CRM.


Inbox Zero Series: The Inbox Zero Mindset

Learn the Inbox Zero Mindset, take control of your email and focus on your goals. The first in our Inbox Zero series to conquer your email overload.

TaskClone Integrates Omnifocus and Evernote

Omnifocus and Evernote integrate to make a very flexible and powerful app combination. Stop forgetting tasks in Evernote and get them Omnifocus today!


Evernote’s Dilemma: How To Revive A Unicorn

Not dead yet, productivity app Evernote needs to quickly clarify its identity and revenue model to recapture momentum and justify its unicorn status.

Evernote Integration with Wunderlist just got better

TaskClone's Evernote integration with Wunderlist just got much easier and more powerful after feature enhancements from Wunderlist.

Evernote - Sidekick for your brain

Conquer your information overload with Evernote [Infographic]

Conquer information overload with Evernote as a sidekick for your brain. Learn how Evernote is the best tool available to solve this growing problem.