10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration (Small)

10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration

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TaskClone users are all about productivity.  Many of them have tried several online task apps, but they all share a love for Evernote. Although TaskClone provides a unique integration between Evernote checkboxes and your favorite task app, we found several apps also have different integrations directly with Evernote.  The infographic below compares the Evernote integrations of 10 task apps that also work flawlessly with TaskClone.


10 Best Task Apps with Evernote Integration (Small)

In addition to the infographic, we have links to the specific pages that detail each integration.  Please add any updates or suggest additional apps in the comments.

  1. Azendoo
  2. Facilethings
  3. GetItDone
  4. Gneo
  6. Nozbe
  7. Podio
  8. Remember the Milk
  9. Salesforce
  10. WorkEtc

Unclear why you would want TaskClone if these apps already integrate with Evernote?  We’ll show you.


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    • We are aware of Zendone, Insightly and Evernote Devcup finalist SmartTM all have an Evernote Integration, but none currently work with TaskClone. We will add them and others we learn of in the near future.

  2. Richard Masters

    Surely Toodledo should be listed?

    • John Ohman

      Other than cut/paste an Evernote note’s URL to the notes of a ToodleDo task, how does Toodledo integrate with Evernote?

  3. Richard Masters

    I misunderstood the point of the table. The integration I was thinking of is through TaskClone, not direct app to app. But TaskClone does it well!

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